Imam Ilyas Sidyot

Study Circle

Youth are the architects of society

Salaam Walaikum, I will summarize the Halaqa from last night in point form; first section will be the topic covered in the Halaqa and the second section will be the audio lecture that we listened to.


Introduction to Islam:

3 Key points:



  • Universal Religion; One Message, which is not defined by any race or ethnicity;
  • Islam will remain pure until the Day of Judgement
  • Religion have leaders, place of worship & book were leaders for mankind; Qu'ran opened to the whole of community and Prophet Muhammad (saw) was the leader for all of mankind, as is the same for Mosques, they are open for all of humanity.



  • Qu'ran was revealed in a 23 year period, therefore, understanding Islam is a gradual process. For example, Alcohol was prohibited in a gradual process.
  • The harm outweights the benefits of alcohol
  • the second revelation of not entering prayer in a state of intoxication
  • the third step was the complete prohibition of alcohol (act of the devil; drinking, gambling, etc)


The 1st step in Salat is to build ones Iman; building faith is gradual. The Qu'ran also prohibits insulting other religions, because it would become the same reason for others to insult Islam.


Youth are the architects of society

  • Much of the youth face an identity crisis
  • One key challenge to the youth: What comes between them & their understanding
  • Allowing desires, Nafs, to control act; Vices/Evils inked with desires
  • Desires take over from time to time, vs. becoming a prisoner to desires
  • Motivation by desire is a real problem...desire is the enemy and it has to be understood
  • Desire and temptation: Moment of enjoyment, lifetime of shame & disgrace
  • Must be on your guard at all times
  • The 'more you scratch' the 'more it itches'


Harms of temptation

  • Deprives one of obedience; misleading is a gradual process
  • Withdraws the value of intention
  • Evil of sin eventually leaves your heart trangressing; a sense of callous


Suppressing your Nafs:

  • Gain visitation of Allah; Die with Iman intact
  • Grants the sweetness of Iman; the true enjoyment, once granted, your initial effort must come from within

You are never too young to be a good Muslim & person.

People use the fact that Allah is merciful to sin and continue to keep sinning.

Peer Pressure

  • Is carried out in group environments, and it is all about conforming
  • Your Greatest First Friend is only Allah (swt)
  • Human nature canbe conniving, therefore salat must be perfected, which will help your path towards improvement
  • Negligence is a problem
  • You must seek tauba for your sins from Allah (swt)