Imam Ilyas Sidyot

Study Circle

Keep ourselves modest

Salaam Walaikum, Here is the quick summary of the Halaqa from this past Sunday.April 25th 201

  • Keep ourselves modest
  • Modesty effect spreads, therefore, protect your family
  • Always remember, what if the same thing happened to your family (sisters, mothers, etc.)
  • Remember Hayah (chastity)
  • Adultery includes casting lustful glances (diminished your own self control)
  • Basically, what goes around comes around.
  • What is wrong is now seeming what is right and it shows in the level of corruption in society, etc.
  • Rule of thumb: 17 verses revealed
  • Allah (swt) has a divine system, they will find themselves with an immodest man/woman if they themselves are immodest.
  • Loss of modesty sees the lack of modesty being exposed (It comes around)
  • Also, there is a technique/method of criticism
  • Remember, few moments of joy and a lifetime of regret
  • Preserve ourselves when we are alone facing temptation
  • Help our friends overcome their 'nafs'
  • Prophets (peace be unto them) are the beacon of faith. Even in the face of absolute danger/death, their faith never faltered.
  • All feilds of work (professional & otherwrise) has value & can be used to glorify Islam
  • Division is stupidity/counterproductive
  • Worry about improving ourselves. Allah (swt) will look after Islam
  • We must care about our deen, etc. but remember Islam doesn't need us, we NEED Islam
  • The mutual relationship with Allah (swt) will be through love, we love Allah (swt) and Allah (swt) loves us
  • Remember that it is ourself that we must improve first and foremost