Imam Ilyas Sidyot



1. Memorize & review 3 Juz of Quran.

2. There will be 3 levels.

3. Level 1 is 30th Juz, level 2 is last 2 Juz, and level 3 is last 3 Juz.

4. Contestants must submit a registration online which is at the bottome of this page.

5. All children of Saskatoon community are welcome to participate in the contest.

6. First three winner will be awarded the memorable prize at the Eid gathering.

7. Three winners will be selected from both Masjids (East side Masjid and West side Masjid).


Date of Contest:

August 15. 2011 @ Islamic Center Saskatoon 222-copland cr. Time: Between Zuhr and Asr prayers.

• No entry will be accepted without registration

• Last date of registration 27th of July.

• If you are not attending at the date of contest you are automatically out of competition.


1 During testing, contestant may be asked to recite any part(s) of the Sura that he/she memorized.

2 Performance is based on Memorization, Tarteel (rules of Tajweed) and Pronunciation.

3 For more info, please call IAS @ (306) 665-6424 or Prairie Muslim Association @ (306) 374-7860


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