Imam Ilyas Sidyot

Quran & Dua Memorization Competition Ramadan 2011 / 1432


On the day of competition, contestant may be asked to recite any part(s) of the Sura that he/she memorized.

Performance is based on Memorizing, Tarteel (rules of Tajweed) and Pronunciation.

For more info contact: Imam Hafiz Altaf @ 306-262-1955 (Prairie Muslim Association).

Imam Hafiz Ilyas @306-716-3125 (Saskatoon Islamic Center).


Venue Date, Location and Time:
Saturday August 27, 2011. Saskatoon Islamic Center. 222-Copland Cr. Time: 2:30 pm
Sunday August 28, 2011. Prairie Muslim Association. 3350-Fairlight Drive. Time: 2:30 pm


Memorize & review as much as you can from Last Juz of Quran and Hisnul Muslim (Du'aa Book).
Contestants must submit a registration on line @
Younger contestants memorize according to their abilities.
All children of Saskatoon community are welcome to participate in the contest.
First three winners will be awarded the memorable prize at the Eid gathering.
First three winners will be selected in both of the Masjid separately.
Hisnul Muslim (Du'aa Book) can be viewed @


Register Here

Please enter full name of the child and email address. Parents can enter their email address. Please register seperately for each child (if there is more than one child).

*Full Name:
*Email address:



Para / Juz 30

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