Imam Ilyas Sidyot

Ramadan Adult Competition/Quiz (2010)

For Boys and Girls age 12 & below.

Topic of the Quiz Seerah of Ibrahim Alaihi Salam, Hajj & First ten days of ZulHajjah.

How to participate in the Quiz.

1 - There will be an online Quiz form.

2 - Parents please enter your email address and First and Last name of your child/children.

3 - Easy True or False and Multiple choice questions will be asked every day.

4 - Approximateley 10 questions each day for 9 days, from 1st ZulHajjah to 9 Zulhajjah.

5 - Each child is allowed to send Quiz once per day. Multiple entries are not allowed.

Questions will be asked from the following pages


1. Every right answer will be awarded points

2. At the end of the Quiz points will be calculated and highest scoring studant will win the competition.

3. Questions will be asked from following three areas and percentage of coverage is indicated in brackets.

a - Seerah of Ibrahim Alahi salam (35%).

b - Hajj The 5th pillar of Islam (35%).

c - Ten Days of Zul Hijjah (30%). Please read the contest rules carefully to understand how the contest works.

Memorable prizes for the Winners. First & Second winners will be announced on Eid Day.

For more info please email to Imam Ilyas: