Imam Ilyas Sidyot

All Canada unites through gestures of solidarity in wake of shooting that left 6 dead in Quebec City Mosque. Messages of Support and Solidarity received at Islamic Center Saskatoon. Thank you ! Thank you ! May Allah the Almighty bless us all Canadians and our country.


Amy-Jo Setka

Dear Sirs/Madame's, I am writing as a concerned citizen who is terrified and heartbroken at the racial/religious violence and fascist rhetoric happening here and across the border.
I am not a religious person but I value the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and I wish to support your community however possible. I am terribly upset and horrified by the murderous violence in Quebec and I wish I knew an appropriate response that could comfort you as individuals and as a community.
There is no appropriate response to an act of violence that never should have occurred. In times of great evil when rhetoric of hatred and division is popular it is our duty as peace loving citizens to reach out to each other. I do not know how I may be of service to your community but it is my sincere wish to share and be kind. I usually volunteer at community events to paint faces for children.
I have a current clean criminal record check and references. If this is a service that would be appropriate at a community event or welcome party for refugees please contact me. I have many other professional skills but I honestly do not know where to start or what skills are required by your organization, as I know you have many qualified, dedicated members. I am a fairly cynical atheist but I feel as if we must all support one another however we can in these scary days.
I support your right to exist as free people and to worship as you choose. I will never support any politician or program that seeks to harm or denigrate your community. I will stand up for you. I would put my body between you and those seeking to do you harm. Perhaps I sound hysterical, I am. I am truly scared that our world and our government are moving ever closer to hateful division and I feel powerless. Please allow me to help in my very small way by participating and bringing some happiness. I believe we as Canadians can support each other even when we are very different.

Thank-you for your time, Love and Peace, Amy-Jo Setka

Glorie Tebbutt

I just want to express my profound sorrow about the attack in Quebec City and emphasize that members of the Muslim community are valued. Sorry I missed the vigil at the mosque last night. My support for the Muslim community is rock solid.

Dave Yanko

May I offer my family's sincere condolences for the horrible event that occurred in Quebec City. Please know that our Canada has no place for religious bigotry. We welcome our Muslim neighbours and respect people of all faiths. Dave, Renee, Kira and Andrew Yanko Saskatoon.


I just want to say that in these troubling times, I, and my other Canadians, value your community and are very happy to have you as part of Canada's fabric. Please do not let the actions of a few make you feel scared, unwelcomed, or threatened. You are an incredible addition to Saskatoon. All the best, Jason.

Sarah MacDonald

My Canada includes Muslims. بلدي كندا يشمل المسلمين The attack on Muslims praying in a mosque in Quebec City has me more upset than I could imagine. I lived for seven years in Oman, an Islamic country, and have visited many others.
Wherever I went I was welcomed with the most incredible hospitality, even by those who knew I was atheist. I have been invited into the homes of complete strangers in Palestine who shared their meals with me. I have been rescued by Omani college students on the side of the road when my car broke down. When I was lost in the maze that is the Marrakesh market and couldn't find my way out a waiter left his restaurant to give me a ride out on his motorbike.
I have been invited to break the fast in Ramadan with my Muslim friends more times than I can count. None of the Muslims I know have any interest in violence, in hatred, in attacking Christians or others who don't share their beliefs. No. They want to live peacefully. They want to go to school. They want to get good jobs and get married and have children who can also live in peace. It breaks my heart that here in Canada Muslims have been killed while praying in a mosque.
It feels like an attack not just on the people at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, but an attack on all Muslims, including my Muslim friends, many of whom are like family to me, and an attack on those of us who stand with them. Shame on all the Canadians whose so-called "Canadian values" include Islamophobia, racism, anti-semitism, and other forms of discrimination. I hope this never happens again in Canada or elsewhere. My thoughts go out to all Muslims and those who empathize with them today.

Hannah E Crowder

I am a member of the Saskatoon community and simply want to express my sympathy for the attack in Quebec City this weekend. I imagine that your community, as an extension of the Quebec Muslim community, is hurting, and I want you to know that many Canadians, myself included, condemn this hateful act and are here to support you. Muslim Canadians are among the best of us and I apologise for the hate and cruelty you have been subjected to. Wishing you hope and healing.

Laura Van Loon

Dear Imam Ilyas, Good morning Imam My thoughts are with you and I am appalled, upset and dismayed at the actions of these shooters. I am very very sorry to hear about hatred in Quebec and our country. I am in British Columbia this week but I am remembering and sending prayers on my own. I look forward to our continuing friendship. Laura Van Loon

Orlene and Gary Martens

Dear Imam Ilyas, Our family is deeply saddened by the horrible news of the shootings in Quebec at the Mosque last evening. The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan Saskatoon showed such caring to us and all the Christians who were part of the Study of Islam last fall.
We want to show support and solidarity in love, peace, and harmony as friends and in our common beliefs in God. We pray that Saskatoon as a community comes together this day and in the days to come in faith and love. We wish to join you in showing deep, deep respect for our brothers and sisters at your Mosque. Please let us know if there will be a gathering at your Mosque or outside of the Mosque where people from our community may come together to show our solidarity with you and other Canadians, as we move forward in faith and love.

Peace and blessings to you Sincerely your neighbours, Orlene and Gary Martens.

Dave and Roseanne Carter

Dear Imam Ilyas, I was so saddened to hear about the terrible shooting in Quebec City yesterday. I immediately thought of you and how you, and your worshippers, must be feeling when a peaceful place of worship is targeted.
This is not the kind of Canada that any reasonable person wants but, sadly, there are some powerful forces around the world who are identifying Muslims (and other groups) as 'other'. You know that my belief is that there is no 'other'. We are all Canadians. We are all citizens. We are all human. Please be assured that for you, and all your worshippers, that we support you and will uphold your rights to live and worship peacefully and to be as fully Canadian as any other citizen.

All our best wishes Dave and Roseanne Carter.

Dave Carter Coordinator, Prairie Spirit School Division.

Jaime Valentine

Dear Imam Ilyas & Mohammad : Good morning Imam Ilyas and Mohammed , I wanted you to know that all of us in Central Office are thinking of our Saskatoon Muslim friends after the events of the weekend. Our deepest condolences go out to the members of the Muslim community of Quebec City and we stand in continued support of all immigrants and refugees who want to come to our city.
I cannot imagine what it feels like to watch these events unfold – it must be heart wrenching for you as leaders of your community. Please convey our best wishes to all members of your community and let us know if there is anything we can do to support you.

Jaime Valentine, CPHR, SHRP Superintendent of Human Resources Saskatoon Public Schools.

Art Battiste

Dear Imam Ilyas, Peace be with you! My prayers and those of my family are with you and all in the Saskatoon and Canadian, and, especially, Quebec City Muslim family. Let us hope and pray that there is no more violence directed at the Muslim family…or against any other group or individual.

Yours in Faith, Art Battiste


Imam Ilyas, Attached to this email, I am sending you a statement from the Catholic bishops of Saskatchewan in which they express their sorrow and solidarity with the Muslim community. I wish to express my own deep sorrow for the violence in Quebec. Fr Kevin McGee, who leads our community while we await a new bishop, has asked me to express his regret that he cannot join you at the Mosque this evening. Please be assured of his continual prayer for the Muslim community and those who have been killed and injured.

I will plan to attend the 8pm prayer this evening. Nick

Nicholas Jesson

Dear Imam Ilyas,
It is with a heavy heart that I reply to your invitation. The families, friends of those affected by the shooting are in my prayers. The ripples of events like this are felt by the hearts of people around the globe, although the communities directly targeted definitely feel the impact most greatly. 
At times like this, it is important to stay together and not allow hatred, violence or ignorance to divide us. We are all one human family, with hopes and dreams for happiness, health, and peace for our families, friends and the world. These events desire to separate, yet the beauty is in the compulsion everyone feels to unify and nurture the beauty of our brothers and sisters and values of compassion, love and peace. 

I would like to  share the information with the contacts.
With you in body, speech and mind, 
In Solidarity
Lori Petruskevich  a Buddhist and a friend 
(I sat beside you at the talk at the Library on Religion in the Public Sphere)

"Three things in human life are important:
the first is to be kind;
the second is to be kind;
and the third is to be kind."
Henry James

Dawn Rogal

I have no words for what happened in Quebec other than to say that I am truly sorry for the worry that this must be causing. I'm not sure what I can do to help other than to let you know that my family and I are allies, we are here for the Muslim community in Saskatoon.

John Takala

Dear Imam Ilyas Sidyot I had the pleasure to hear you speak at the course on Christianity and Islam this fall and enjoyed the gracious hospitality of your community at the mosque. I think this course displayed some of the best aspects of Canadian society as citizens engage with one another to breakdown barriers and learn about each other.
Sadly, this weekend displayed another side of our society and I wanted to express my unreserved horror that people praying at mosque were shot and killed. I have been heartened to hear strong support for the Muslim community from the Prime Minister, our Premier, and Mayor. While these messages are important, I also think it is important for ordinary citizens to add their voices to this support. Please extend my voice of support to your community in these difficult times and I hope out of this tragic event the bonds between the Muslim and Christian communities are ultimately strengthened.

Sincerely, John Takala.