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Question: 001

I am thinking of applying for a part time job with a courier company. They require me to deliver boxes, letters, documents, medications etc.
However at times they may ask me to deliver food (lunch etc).
My question is; Is it permissible to do this sort of work because it involves food and the food may contain pizza's which have pork in them? Jazak Allah Khair and Ba'rak Allaho Feek.


Aslamiualikum Respected Brother,

In principle, it is incorrect to assist in Haraam. Allah Taalah says in the Holy Quraan :"and do not assist in sin" (Surah Maidah). However, we suggest you request them to only allow you to deliver non food items.
If not we suggest you continue working for this company and begin seeking an alternate job, as soon as you have found an alternate job you may quit this job.
And Allah Knows Best


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